My Academy is planning the following social programmes:

  • Special need education: We are researching to develop online interactive contents for special need children.
  • School children feeding programme. In rural areas, poor school children suffer from malnutrition thus their physical and mental growth in childhood is disturbed. Poor parents also cannot afford to send their children to schools as these children are major earning members of the family.  My Academy shall identify these schools and provide at least one good meal (preferably lunch) for following two purposes:
    • To complement nutrition for healthy growth of the children.
    • To retain the children in the schools to complete their education.
  • Scholarship programme: My Academy shall identify poor and brilliant students and support them financially so that they can successfully complete their studies.
  • Winter clothing: My Academy shall distribute worm clothes to the children winter so that they can study at home and go to school in bad winter days.

Anybody may participate in the social programme of My Academy in any form (advice, consultancy, concept development, monitoring & reporting, guidance, financial assistance, etc.). The participants shall have the following rights and privileges:

  • Full right to make decision in the area of participation.
  • Full access to expenditure and audit of the fund, if donated.
  • All information about the participants shall be provided to the beneficiary, if allowed.

How to participate:

If you are interested, please contact:


My academy
Cell: +88-01714026808
E mail: or